Frequently Asked Questions

"The memory is yours to create..."

Do you have existing styles to try on?

We do not have physical dresses for you to try on. We strictly offer custom designs, therefore, everything is make exclusively for you, your style and your vision.

How much time do you require for a custom gown?

We ask for a minimum of 6 months notice for a custom gown. If however, you're planning a shotgun wedding or a quick elopement we do offer quick turnaround times for a small rush fee. 

What is your starting price range for a bridal gown?

For a custom wedding gown our prices start at $1,800.00 and go up depending on design, fabric choices and embellishments. 

What is your starting price range for bridesmaid dresses?

Again, it depends on the design, fabric and embellishments, but for bridesmaid dresses our prices start at $400. 

Do fittings cost extra?

Fittings are included in the price and are all part of the process! It's a time for you, the client and Paige to come together and ensure everyone is on the same page as far as fit and design go. The fittings are a way for you to see your dress come to life! 

Do I need an appointment? 

Yes, we are by appointment only. 

Will my dress need alterations?

Included in the process are fittings, the fittings are a time to ensure the dress is on the right track as far as fit and design go. Your first fitting will include a "mock" dress. Made using your design but in a less-expensive fabric. We will make all necessary tweaks and changes at this time. After all alterations have been decided we will make your dress in the actual fabric. The fittings and alterations are all included in your price. The dress will not be released until you are completely satisfied with your gown. 

Do you offer bridal accessories?

You bet! We will help you create your overall look including veils, hairpieces and belts.